With increasingly sedentary workforce and the corresponding rise in employee mental and physical health risks, most organisations have programs to help manage the wellbeing of their people.

However, it can be hard to engage employee’s who are most in need. The Bupa Team Challenge is a unique online team based challenge that solves that problem by using a fun, personalized,  and entertaining approach to engage all employees regardless of their current activity level.

The Bupa Team Challenge will increase team sprit and morale whilst making a measurable difference to employee  health and wellbeing and it’s flexible and cusomisable:

-Run the Challenge at a time of year that best suits your organisation,

-Run the Challenge for a length of time that works for you,

-Put your wellness or company brand on it,

-Personalise your own messages to leverage your existing programs,

-Animate your CEO who will deliver a personal message to your employee’s.

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